The real cost of Dymo/Brother Printers for cabinet makers

Printing Labels Cost Comparison Dymo Label Printer or Zebra Label Printer

Now we have chosen the Dymo brand only because some of our customers recently have approached us about changing so we did a comparison cost for them. I am sure similar calculations will result in similar results using other "consumer type" brands like Brother etc. We have used a Zebra GC420D but there is a whole range available at this price or slightly higher. The Honeywell PC42 printer is much cheaper but Zebra is common in the industry. These printers are not industrial printers but are very good commercial printers capable of printing lots of labels. So why use a Zebra label printer over a Dymo/Brother printer? Well simply put it is cheaper and more convenient.


 Direct Thermal label printers have no toners or inks. Only the labels are the consumables. Zebra label printers can have larger rolls in them (up to 1,000 x 100mm x 73mm labels) compared with a much smaller amount with Dymo printers. We will also use the Officeworks price for 3 rolls and more of the 54mm x 101mm/ 220 labels per roll - $28 inc GST for 3 rolls and more. For our Zebra labels we will compare them against our 100mm x 73mm labels. Slightly larger labels but a popular size.


Dymo don't offer removable labels but our labels are removable and will easily come off without leaving any residue. If your labels are difficult to remove then just think how much money you are wasting paying staff to fiddle with removing labels that won't come off (not to mention the damage sometimes caused!). Do you know that over 1 year the whole cost of the Zebra printer package is paid for if one of your staff wastes 5mins a day trying to remove labels that won't come off!


Here's the cost comparison

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Label Maker - $94.00

Now for the consumables

Let’s buy the genuine Dymo 54mm x 101mm labels/ 220 per roll @ $28 per roll


DYMO LabelWriter 30323 Shipping Labels

54 x101mm - $28 per roll for 3 rolls plus

220 labels per roll

$127.27 per 1000 labels

Price source (28/05/18)



So for the Dymo printer it costs $127.27 per 1000 labels.


Did you know that you can void the printer warranty by inserting non genuine (Dymo) labels? Whether you agree with this or not it can cause warranty headaches.



Zebra GC420D Direct Thermal Label Printers -$565

The labels for this printer for the comparison are slightly larger (100mm x 73mm)? The cost of these labels on our website ie $79.20 inc GST for 4 rolls of 1000. So that works out at $19.80 per 1000.


What's the Difference?

The difference is a whopping $107.47 per 1000 labels. If you use as little as 6000 labels then you have paid completely for the label printer (even if you have already bought the Dymo) by saving $644.82 and the savings will go on for years. Printing 6000 dymo labels and buying the Dymo printer costs $857.62.

You can make this saving and have no hassle from the staff fiddling because they have to keep changing the labels too often or trying to remove permanent labels from cabinets! 


So do you want to make these savings now! For the cost of printing 6000 of the labels with the Dymo like we have demonstrated above ($857.62) you can buy a label printer package today. 


1 x Zebra GC420D label printer - USB connection




6000 x 100mm x 73mm with removable adhesive (great for cabinets)


6000 @ $19.80 per 1000


Freight to your premises (except for remote areas)   $  22.00



$705.80 inc GST


The savings are across all sizes of labels not just this size. You also are not restricted to manufacturer specific sizes. We can make virtually any size you need in any material you need. Just contact us.

You just know you need to stop using the Dymo/brother printers on your cabinets, upgrade now and save money and frustration!!


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