Shipping FAQ's

Shipping FAQ's


Labels are heavy things. A box of labels is just like sending a box of A4 paper around. Quality freight companies cost money and every kilogram and every town costs a different amount. This can make it uncertain how much freight will cost.


We have chosen to make our freight two simple rates no matter if you order a small amount or a large amount. This is so you have certainty in what you are paying for freight. As our factory is in Brisbane we have a flat rate of $18 ex GST in Brisbane metro area and a flat rate of $25 ex GST sydney and melbourne metro areas.  Rates are for business addresses only as courier companies charge extra for residental addresses. If this is a home address then someone must be at home to accept delivery and extra charges may be levied. Additional charges also apply to designated freight company designated "remote areas". If you are in one of these areas then you probably already know that.


Your goods will usually be shipped by TNT or Australia Post/Startrack. For light shipments we may send them in a Satchel.


Our FREE SHIPPING option only applies to selected products only.  


Hope this explains it. If you need more info just contact us.