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Adhesive information

Different adhesives are available. The most popular are Permanent, Removable, Ultra removable and Freezer Grade. For more info go our tutorial.



What do the stock terms like "in stock" and "usually in stock" etc mean?


In Stock

This term means that the actual item is confirmed as in stock. We dont use this term often as things change dynamically. We do use In Stock for items we know are physically at our showfront all the time. The quantities in stock will vary so depending on the size of your order and how many have been ordered by yourself and others in the same time period we may need to top up the stock before shipping your order.


Usually in Stock

This is the most common term we use. What it means is that the goods are in stock either at our shopfront or at one of supply warehouses. If you intend to pick up then please confirm that the goods are available and ready before you come to the shop. The usual delivery time is 2-3 days prior to despatch. As we physically manufacture labels label orders can extend in times of peak demand depending on existing label orders.


In Bulk Stock

This term means that the bulk material is available in stock and that we may need to either cut the labels or reroll the labels onto different size rolls. Most of our label stock is kept this way and is ready same day or next day for despatch. The usual delivery time is 3-5 days prior to despatch (usually closer to 1 than 3). If your needs are urgent and you need it urgently then call the office and we can usually expedite it.


Special Order

This means that the goods need to be ordered and we will need to confirm a lead time. If you order an item like this we will confirm the lead time prior to confirmation of your order to ensure the lead time is acceptable.


Print Lead Time

This means that the goods have to be physically printed and the lead time confirmed. We will do this for you either before you order or as part of the confirmation process. Depending on the job this lead time may include a proofing process which can impact lead time. Usually most print jobs are completed between 1- 3 days.


Confirm Lead Time

This means that lead time can vary depending on the order quantity and the available stock. It simply means that we will confirm the lead time with you once you place the order or you are welcome to contact us with the quantity of the item you need and we will then give you an estimate of lead time.


Why do you have an order confirmation policy?


The label business may seem simple but it can be very complicated with so many options available. We have your interests at heart here by going through this order confirmation. Particularly if you a re a first time customer we need to make sure that we are supplying what you need. If you order is a repeat order then we usually can confirm the order quickly via email once we have checked all our records on your last orders.


Shipping Questions and Answers

We ship goods to you on your behalf. We use tracked services so that you can track the shipments. We use information that has been provided to ship the goods. Once the shipment has been tracked as picked up then the order is deemed to be complete. Once the goods have left our warehouse then the responsibility for the goods and the shipment moves from us to the you the customer.

We will use our best endeavours with the shipping company to help you track your shipment but sometimes for all sorts of reasons the goods are not delivered when expected. Sometimes the incorrect shipping address has been provided to us and unfortunately sometimes in large freight companies things go missing for a few days until they find it. We cant do anything about issues like that except try and hurry the freight company along. We will not ship out a replacement during any delays or non deliveries etc


What are the shipping charges?


We know that it is important as an online business that you know your costs before you order. We have three methods of order delivery and these are costed on a per order basis, not what you order to keep it easy for you and us.


Pick Up

This is no charge. You should not come to pickup until the order has been confirmed and we can give you a expected completion day or time. You can always contact us and we will do our best to fit in with your plans for pickup.


Metropolitan Brisbane

This service is $18 ex GST. Normally these items are delivered the next day after despatch by courier. If this is a home address then someone must be at home to accept delivery.


Other Areas

This service is $25 ex GST. Delivery to Sydney and Melbourne normally occur 1-2 days after despatch. Other areas may vary. Rates are for business addresses only as courier companies charge extra for residental addresses. If this is a home address then someone must be at home to accept delivery and additional charges will be levied. Additional charges only apply to designated freight company designated "remote areas" 


So why Flat Rate shipping and how does it work?


Labels are heavy things. A box of labels is just like sending a box of A4 paper around. Quality Freight companies cost money and every kilogram and every town costs a different amount. This can make it uncertain how much freight will cost.


We have chosen to make our freight two simple rates no matter if you order a small amount or a large amount. This is so you have some certainty in what you are paying for freight. As our factory is in Brisbane we have a flat rate of $18 ex GST in Brisbane metro area and a flat rate of $25 ex GST for Sydney and Melbourne Metro areas. These rates are for business addresses only as courier companies charge extra for residental addresses. If it is a residential address then additional charges will be applied when delivered. Additional charges also apply to designated freight company designated "remote areas" and areas outside normal metro area deliveries.


Your goods will usually be shipped road freight by Startrack, TNT or Australia Post. For light shipments we may send them in a Satchel.


if you need more info just contact us.


How are items sent?


This varies depending on the order. We use couriers like StarTrack, Direct Freight, Couriers Please and also Australia Post.


How can I pay for my order?

You have a few options for payment: Direct Deposit, Credit card on line via Paypal and credit card over the phone. We do NOT charge a credit card surcharge.


Direct Deposit

Orders can be paid for directly into our bank account using the bank details shown at checkout. Your order will not commence until payment is received.


Credit Card via Paypal

We use Paypal as the payment gateway for our online store. Paypal provides a instant and secure transaction platform and your credit card details are not transmitted to us. Also if you have an existing paypal balance then you can use this balance to pay for your goods. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay this way, just follow the prompts.


Credit Card over the phone

if you select this option when you order then we will contact you during the order confirmation phase and you can then pay with your credit card over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express without a surcharge.


What is a restocking fee?

A restocking fee may be applied if goods are returned after they were supplied. This fee is normally 15% but may also be much higher if the labels were cut specifically for you. In fact some specifically made labels cannot be returned. So what is the restocking fee for? In the process of providing your order we have incurred a number of expenses. These are things like invoicing, picking your order, packing your order, freighting your order (our freight charges often do not cover our real freight expenses), allocating your payment, and the cost of cartons,packaging and labelling. In order to raise a credit against returned goods we then have to wait until the goods are received, they need to be checked and they always need reboxing and repacking after receipt. Adjustment notes, refunds and bookkeeping expenses are incurred to allocate the credit.


So you can see we actually incur a lot of expenses in this process so that is why we charge a restocking fee.