Nursery Labels & Tags

All About Labels is a Member of the Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland.


Our premium nursery synthetic labels are suitable for wholesale and end user use. Using permanent waterproof synthetic labels ensures your plants are labeled and priced correctly without the worry of the label becoming damaged by water or handling.


Choosing All About Labels to supply your labeling needs ensures you are meeting the requirements set out by these major stores and gives you value for money buying direct from the manufacturer. Meeting the strict requirements set by the major stores, we have worked for many years to supply labels which are used widely in the plant wholesale business.


All About Labels can supply everything you need to get you started and continue to supply you with the consumables you require.


If you are looking into starting out using nursery labels for your business and need to talk to someone please contact us and we will be able to assist you.


We offer label and printer packages to offer you the best value to get you started.


Please see our nursery printer packages for more information.



Tutorials about Nursery Labels & Tags

Common Nursery Label Sizes

Common Nursery Label Sizes

Please find here a pdf of our most common nursery label sizes.