Country of Origin Labels

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Country of Origin Food Labels


Food labeling in Australia is changing. If you sell food in retail stores in Australia your products will be required to display the Country Of Origin Labels. More information about these changes can be found here




  • 36mm x 20mm
  • 42mm x 37mm
  • 65mm x 30mm


If you would like some more information about these labels please see our tutorial with lots of infomation and links.


Please contact us if you need some more help with these labels.



There are two new types country of origin labels:


1. Standard Mark Label (two or three component labels)

  • Three component labels are for products grown in, produced in or made in Australia. These labels require the kangaroo in a triangle, a bar chart and explanatory text. These labels are the Grown In Australia (GIA) and Product Of Australia (POA), Made In Australia (MIA) labels.
  • Two component labels are for products that were packed in Australia only or imported products with Australian ingredients that voluntarily wish to use the standard mark labels. These labels are the Packed In Australia (PIA) labels.


2. A Country of Origin Statement Label

These labels are used to state the origin in which the products were made when you do not need or cannot use the standard mark label outlined above.

These labels are known as Country of Origin (COO) labels and are available in three sizes 36mm x 20mm, 42mm x 27mm or 65mm x 30mm.

We encourage our customers to visit this link to find further information about the labeling guidelines


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