Freight System Shipping/Despatch Rolls - 80 Rolls

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Model #: 81205-80

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FREE FREIGHT - Metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane areas. if you are outside these areas then we will contact you prior to filling your order to discuss freight options and rates.


These Direct Thermal Labels will suit most freight systems including Startrack Express, TNT and Couriers Please.

You can get 80 rolls of 350 labels from $765+GST or see our other items for

4 Rolls of 350 from $47.50 +GST

8 Rolls of 350 from $82+GST

40 Rolls of 350 from $385+GST


The labels are 99mm x 148mm Direct Thermal labels with a permanent adhesive. 

You have two materials to choose from

1. Direct Thermal ECOnomy Thermal coated label paper. This has a permanent rubber based hot-melt adhesive.Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Designed for applications where very high initial adhesion is required.

Labelling temperature > 0 Degrees

Service temp -40 to +70 Degrees (low service temperature for freezers ie -40 degrees)

2. Direct Thermal Top Quality Premium Coated label paper. Premium top coated direct thermal paper with excellent image preservation and superior resistance tofats, alcohols and other solvents. It has a good quality permanent acrylic adhesive which is suitable for most applications. This paper is smoother to the touch and so is kinder to the thermal printhead.

Labelling temperature >+5 Degrees

Service temp -20 to +80 Degrees



Our labels are part numbers

81010, 81011, 81040, 81025

If you are ordering labels to replace one of these part numbers, then mention the part number when ordering.

Select below whether your labels are Wound In (label on inside of roll) or Wound Out (label on outside of roll)

Select whether your labels are Wound In (label on inside of roll) or Wound Out (label on outside of roll)
Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.


These Labels are direct thermal and will suit most desktop printers.