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Printhead replacement ZM400

29 January 2014

Printheads can easily be changed on the ZM400 without the need to pay for a technician you dont even need tools. If you are able to follows directions and take your time you should be able to do it.


I have attcahed the official Zebra information sheet on changing printheads. It is quite comprehensive but I would like to add some useful information to this as well.

1. Turn off the power at the wall to be sure everything is off.

2. Dont do this where the environment has high levels of static or on a day when there is a lot of static.

3. When you are disconnecting plugs from connectors you shouldnt pull on the wires. try just to hold onto the connector itself.

4. Things should just fit and fit back in. If you are struggling then either you are trying to remove the wrong part or maybe you are twisting it or trying to remove it in the wrong direction.

5. Make sure the connectors are pushed all the way home when reassembling.

6. When you are finished make sure the printhead carriage goes up and down and clicks into position as it should before switching power on etc.

7. Make sure you have the correct printhead for your printer both in size and resolution (203dpi or 300dpi).


Here are the Zebra instructions 

ZM400 printhead replacement.pdf



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