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Media Calibration - Zebra Z series and RZ Series

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27 May 2013

If you are having problems with the printer "seeing" the gaps in the labels then verify that the red gap sensor is located in an area corresponding to the label gaps. This sensor is adjustable by slding it with your hands. If you think this could be the problem adjust the sensor and test before proceeding.


Important - follow each step carefully, to go back and exit you can press the MINUS(-) key at any time.


Using the buttons on the front of the printer

  1. Press setup and then PLUS(+) or MINUS(-) key until you see the display above.
  2. Press PLUS(+) and the then the "LOAD BACKING" Prompt appears.
  3. Open the printhead
  4. Take of approx 200mm of labels from the backing and then put the section with the backing only (ie where the labels are missing) where the sensors are. On the printers when the printhead is open you will see a  red light. from this point to an area about 30mm towards the front of the printer should have the backing only area in it. Make sure you have enough backing paper to extend past the printhead like it would be when you normally load labels. LEAVE the printhead OPEN!
  5. Press PLUS(+), the REMOVE RIBBON prompt appears.
  6. Remove the ribbon if it is loaded.
  7. Close the printhead.
  8. Press PLUS(+), the message CALIBRATING PLEASE WAIT appears.
  9. When complete the message RELOAD ALL appears.
  10. Open the printhead again and pull the backing paper forward until a label is located well above the red sensor light. with Label 15-20mm either side of the light.
  11. Reload the Ribbon if you are using one
  12. Close the printhead
  13. Press PLUS(+) to continue. The printer will complete the calibration now.
  14. Press SELECT to accept the changes and test.



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