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Labels made by the Rock n Roll Royalty?

22 November 2017

Newsflash! Labels made by the Rock n’ Roll royalty?


Cabinet label making and Rock n’ Roll ? What has the Beatles got in common with your humble white cabinet labels you probably use every day? Did you know most of the cabinet labels we make are made by Ringo “with a little help from my friends”. Let’s start by telling the story about how these labels are made.


At All About Labels we manufacture labels. Basically, bulk label paper is shipped in by the pallets and then our guys take this label paper and use specialised label making/ die cutting machines to take these very large paper rolls and convert them to make labels into the sizes, quantities, materials and adhesives needed by our customers. So how do the Beatles help?


One of our longest machine operators, Ivan, is a music enthusiast and a great Beatles fan. We have a tradition of naming our machines with people names so when we took delivery of two machines back in 2013 we had to name them so we settled on Ringo and Jeremy. Ringo is an obvious musical explanation but for those who are not familiar, Jeremy Hilary Boob PhD describes himself as the “eminent physicist, polyglot classicist, prize-winning botanist, hard-biting satirist, talented pianist, good dentist too”. He becomes friends with Ringo in the Beatles movie - Yellow Submarine. He is also known as the Nowhere Man, hence the song. So, Jeremy and Ringo work together in our factory, only fitting we thought. But that’s not the end of the story.


Last year we needed another die cutting machine because Ringo was saying “help me if you can”, just to keep up with demand. When the new machine arrived, this machine needed a name. We had mostly male names Ringo, Jeremy, Roger, Henry and one female name Lola for our machines. The office girls wanted the balance evened up a bit so we had to think hard. The new machine was to ease the load on Ringo so eventually we name her “Barb”. For explanation Barbara Bach is Ringo’s wife and Barb is beside Ringo and helps him every day in our factory!


So, next time you purchase our A4 label sheets and roll labels they would be made either by Ringo or Barb even though “they get by with a little help from my friends”- us humans.

Labels made by Ringo and Barb

All About Labels manufactures all sorts of labels including removable labels especially for cabinet makers. Hundreds of sizes, labels per roll, core size etc are available. Sorry about the musical puns. Call us on 1300 762603.



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