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Labels Ain't Labels

13 August 2018

Labels Ain’t Labels

For those of you old enough to remember the old Castrol oils advert where the phrase “Oils Ain’t Oils” became part of our vernacular we introduce “Labels Ain’t Labels”.

As some of you know we recently exhibited at the AWISA exhibition in Sydney. We spoke to many in the industry with real horror stories about their experiences with labelling of cabinetry. These experiences can be avoided just by using the right labels.


So, do some of these experiences sound familiar to you? This was from the AWISA Exhibition 2018.

  • our guys spend ages picking the labels off the cabinets
  • we damage the cabinet sometimes getting the labels off
  • we use special solvents to get rid of the residue after we peel the label off
  • we know not to leave labels on for more than two days because then we can’t get them off
  • we buy label sheets (at a big retailer) and they don’t come off the cabinets.
  • I bought a Brother/Dymo label printer because it was cheap. Now the labels costs are really hurting and I can’t get them off the cabinets.

These people haven’t bought the right labels. The frustration is obvious to these people as they see it as a very small part of their overall operation but often it is the source of the most complaints from workers. When they are shown how the right label comes off the cabinets it is a revelation to them sometimes. It is amazing how long people will put up with something that is obviously not acceptable to their business but the time to change is now.

Do you know that if someone spends an extra 10 mins per day cleaning up after labels then that is 50mins per week or 43 hours per annum. You can easily save all this time, money and frustration. The irony is that often the right labels are cheaper to buy!!


There are several removable adhesives we can provide for all sorts of printers. All About Labels will send you a free sample of the labels for you to test apply to the cabinets.


With the right label/adhesive combination the labels can be applied to the job and then removed when required, simply and without residue. All About Labels specialises in these labels so you can avoid the horror stories. They make them in sheets and rolls for all different printers. Contact All About Labels on 1300 762 603 because “Labels Ain’t Labels”.



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