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Continuous InkJet Tag Material

Model #: continuoustag IJ

We make continuous inkjet tag material in whatever width you need. Just use the selector to choose what width and material you want.


Prices are listed for rolls of up to 105mm wide and up to 60M in length. If you want rolls wider or longer, contact us for special pricing.


The material is a paper tag material, meaning it has no adhesive. with an average GSM of 155gsm it is a stiff tag that can be used for all sorts of purposes. The material is continuous and uses your if your printer uses a cutter then these are an easy way to print tags of differing lengths.


Choose your core sizes depending on which of these common printers you have.

50mm core size - Epson TMC3500, Primera LX200, LX400 and LX500

76mm core size - Epson TMC7500, Epson C6100 / C6500 series, Primera LX810, LX900, LX1000 and LX2000, VIP Color VP485 and VP700, Colordyne CDT1600C


We make two types of tags, both types approx 155-160gsm, here is a brief description of each one. 

Gloss Paper Tag - The gloss finish makes the colours appear more intense. The gloss finish is on the printing side only.

Matt Paper Tag -  The matte finish of the label creates a flatter matte finish look whcih is great for that retro look.


Want to make your own business cards? Business cards are 85mm x 55mm, so choose the 85mm wide material or the 55mm wide material depending on which way you want to print them.

If you are making product tags then a simple craft/hole punch can be used so you can attach the prodcut tag to your products.

Event passes? choose the width you need and remember we also offer lanyards and a lanyard punch so you can source everything in one place.


Please choose from all fields to get pricing on the size and material you need.

Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.