Brother CZ Colour Labels for VC-500W

Print Color Labels Up to 50mm Wide and 5m Long, Convenient drop-in Brother CZ rolls are available in 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm and 50mm widths


Continuous rolls combined with both a half and full built-in automatic cutter enables you to print up to 5m long. If your label is 50mm long then you can print approx 100 labels.


Select the width of color label material you want below

  • CZ1001 - 9mm wide x 50M long
  • CZ1002 - 12mm wide x 5M long
  • CZ1003 - 19mm wide x 5M long
  • CZ1004 - 25mm wide x 5M long
  • CZ1005 - 50mm wide x 5M long