Freight System Shipping/Despatch Rolls

Model #: 94Freight8

Buy from a Startrack Approved Supplier, satisfaction guaranteed!


FREE FREIGHT - AUSTRALIA WIDE except for remote areas. If you are in a designated remote area then we will contact you prior to filling your order to discuss freight options and rates.


These Direct Thermal Labels will suit most freight systems including Startrack Express, TNT, Couriers Please etc.


You can get 8 rolls of 350 labels for $97+GST (that's $12.13 a roll) or see our other items for

3 Rolls of 350 for $36+GST

4 Rolls of 350 for $50+GST


These are suitable for small desktop label printers like the Zebra LP2844, GC420, Datamax E-series etc.

If you are using a larger printer that uses large rolls then you can order a box will contain 4 rolls of 1000 labels for $120 ex GST.


The labels are 99mm x 148mm Direct Thermal labels with a permanent adhesive. They have a special coating to give the longest life to your print head and are perforated between labels for ease of use. These labels can be used in place of 100mm x 150mm and similar labels without issue. We are a Startrack APPROVED supplier for freight/shipping labels and we guarantee our labels.


Our labels are the same are the Adstik/DH Tech 99mm x 148mm labels with part numbers:

81010, 81011, 81040, 81205. If you are ordering labels to replace one of these part numbers, then mention the part number.

Select below whether your labels are Wound In (label on inside of roll) or Wound Out (label on outside of roll) and also if you need the labels on larger rolls for industrial style printers. ]


The default setting is for Desktop printers as the most common selections are:

350 per roll/ Wound In - Code 81010 or

350 per roll/ Wound Out - Code 81205


For most desktop printers select 38mm, Industrial printers are usually 76mm
Select whether your labels are Wound In (label on inside of roll) or Wound Out (label on outside of roll)
Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.


These Labels are direct thermal and will suit most printers. If you advise what printer you have we can ensure you get the right label rolls.