Permanent Direct Thermal

In this category are labels that are direct thermal paper labels with a permanent adhesive. If you need removable adhesive then go to the removable category here. Want to know more about adhesives go to the tutorial.

If this category doesn't have your size it doesnt mean we dont make it. We have hundreds of sizes available, just ask us.


99mm x 148mm Labels -Yellow99mm x 148mm Labels -YellowBuy now from $118.00
70mm x 25mm Labels - 8140270mm x 25mm Labels - 81402Buy now from $128.00
61mm x 25mm Labels - 8109961mm x 25mm Labels - 81099Buy now from $138.00
56mm x 25mm Labels - 8150056mm x 25mm Labels - 81500Buy now from $81.00
50mm x 40mm Labels - 8105950mm x 40mm Labels - 81059Buy now from $140.00
50mm x 25mm - Mountaintop Label50mm x 25mm - Mountaintop LabelBuy now from $114.00
50mm x 25mm - 8138050mm x 25mm - 81380Buy now from $114.00
40mm x 28mm Labels - 8155040mm x 28mm Labels - 81550Buy now from $64.00
37mm x 27mm Labels - 8126937mm x 27mm Labels - 81269Buy now from $64.00
102mm x 38mm Labels - 81224102mm x 38mm Labels - 81224Buy now from $174.00
102mm x 150mm Labels - 81327102mm x 150mm Labels - 81327Buy now from $76.00
102mm x 150mm Labels - 81316102mm x 150mm Labels - 81316Buy now from $90.00
100mm x 48mm Labels - 81529100mm x 48mm Labels - 81529Buy now from $130.00
77mm x 50mm Labels - 8134677mm x 50mm Labels - 81346Buy now from $150.00
77mm x 50mm , 400 per roll