Continuous InkJet Label Material

Model #: continuous

In this area you can choose continuous Label material. Prices start from $27 ex per roll.

We supply them in whatever width you need and have listed 5 common widths to choose from. Each material roll has a "back slit". This means that the label liner material is slit so you can easily peel the material from the liner. If your printer uses a cutter then these are an easy way to print labels of differing lengths.


Choose your core sizes depending on which of these common printers you have.

50mm core size - Epson C3400/C3500 (internal rolls), Primera LX200, LX400 and LX500

76mm core size - Epson C7500 and C3400/C3500 (External Roll unwind), Primera LX810, LX900, LX1000 and LX2000, VIP Color VP485 and VP700, Colordyne CDT1600C


We have a comprehensive range of materials here is a brief description of each one. 

Gloss Paper - Permanent Adhesive. This is a great general purpose label. the gloss finish makes the colours appear more intense.

Matt Paper - Permanent Adhesive. The matte finish of the label creates a flatter matte finish. 

Matt Paper - Removable Adhesive. The adhesive of this label is removable meaning you can remove the label more easily when required.

PP Synthetic - Permanent Adhesive. This label material is synthetic so it will not deteriorate with water. Label material is not suitable for long term outdoor exposure. **

Polyester Synthetic - Permanent Adhesive. This label material is synthetic so it will not deteriorate with water. Label material is better for long term outdoor exposure. **

** These materials are suitable for Pigment and waterbased inks. The fading and deterioration of the printed image is determined by the ink and printing. You need to carry out your own tests to determine how long your printed image will last in outdoor or wet conditions. 

Please choose from all fields to get pricing on the size and material you need.

Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.



Continuous Inkjet Material