Premium Full Colour Test Tags

Model #: 95TestTag-PFCTT

Our Premium Full Colour Test Tags are durable synthetic tags offering the best possible advertising using your full colour logo to promote your business.


These tags are custom printed with your company details, address, name, ABN no. and contact details etc.  We can also print your company logo which you can supply as a jpeg.  The jpeg needs to be provided in high resolution to provide the best possible print detail. 


Test tags are supplied on a roll. Each tag has a unique tag number preprinted for your reference.  We can include a separate 9mm section as a record copy for your invoice/log book.  Please select which option you require below.


Size: 100mm x 40mm


If you need any assistance with what to provide or help choosing whether your logo image is suitable please contact us.


If you would prefer one colour test tags you need "All Purpose Test Tags"


You can select your quantity and the base colour of the tag required below

(Please note only your company logo will be printed in full colour, the rest of the test tag will reflect the chosen colour)

Please select whether you require this section
Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.


The test tags are printed on premium synthetic, non tear adhesive label material that is sized and designed to wrap neatly around electrical cables. They can be used in many environments as they are waterproof, chemical resistant, UV stable and non-fading. They are durable synthetic material printed using permanent ink for wear resistant protection. The label strongly adheres to itself making it difficult to remove. We find using a fine point Sharpie permanent marker produces the best results.


They can also include a barcode. If you want a barcode select this as a no cost option. Note that if you dont use barcodes or dont intend to use a barcode then you are better not to have it. The barcode must occupy the same space and the tag number so the result is that the tag number is smaller when the barcode option is selected.


The following features of our tags comply with the standards and will assist with your compliance.


1. Made of a non-tear synthetic material, our tags are durable, legible and non-metallic.

2. Our tags are extremely difficult to remove without cutting them off. This means they cannot be reused and attached to a different item.

3. Our tags can be ordered with different colours to identify the testing period they are for.

4. Our tags have areas to record the name of the tester, date of testing and the date when the next test is due.

5. Our tags state that the item is tested to AS/NZS3760

6. Our tags clearly state that the item has passed testing which is also required.