Printed Library Labels

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Model #: 96BAR4020

We understand that labeling can form an important part of the operation for libraries to maintain correct records of circulation control.


All About Labels have been supplying labels for school, university and public libraries for many years, giving us the experience to supply labels to suit your in house systems.  We can accommodate labels for all of the current library systems including Alice, Oasis, Bookmark and Libcode.


Our standard library label size is 40mm x 20mm. 

Many other sizes available on request eg. 40mm x 28mm, 40mm x 15mm, 36mm x 20mm 


Ordering is simple.  You can send us a sample of your current labels and once your layout is set up in our system ordering the next batch is very straight forward.

We endeavor to provide well laid out, clear, modern labeling for your library which can also include a logo.  So if you are interested in updating a current layout we are more than happy to discuss and accommodate this.


If you would like to further discuss your library labeling please contact us as we would be more than happy to go over your layout options, alternative sizes, larger quantities and system requirements. 


Label size 40mm x 20mm
Label material White Paper or Synthetic
Label adhesive Permanent


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Please select below the quantity/material type of 40mm x 20mm labels you require.  

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