Custom Printed Destructible Labels

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Model #: 96DestPre

All About Labels knows implementing a good asset management system for your business starts with labels.  Preprinted labels customised for your business are quick and simple to order.  They take the hassle out of printing them yourself and offer your business a professional label for your asset management.  


Our White Destructible Vinyl Tamper Evident Asset Labels are impossible to remove in one piece.  The destructible label breaks into tiny pieces and is unable to be removed as a whole. An attempt to remove the label will leave many marks and scratches and be very noticeable which should discourage any unauthorized usage.  These labels offer a high level of security to protect your assets and your business.


Ordering is simple.  Once you have placed an order with us please compete our Custom Label Printing Order Form.doc and email us your details. 

You can send us a sample of your current labels and once your layout is set up in our system ordering the next batch is very straight forward.


We endeavor to provide well laid out, clear, modern labeling for your business which can also include a logo.  So if you are interested in updating a current layout we are more than happy to discuss and accommodate this. If you would like to further discuss your labeling please contact us as we would be more than happy to go over your layout options, alternative sizes, larger quantities and system requirements. 


As with all our labels there are many other sizes available.  Please contact us to discuss the many other sizes and options available and we can send you a quotation.  If you are after a different size we will be able to help you - there are hundreds of other label sizes available!  

Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.



We specialise in offering our customers premium printed labels suitable for application straight off the roll.  Once you have placed your order with us you will need to complete our Custom Label Printing Order Form.doc and email it to us.  We will arrange a proof/digital sample to be sent for your approval prior to printing.

All labels are printed in black only.  We are able to offer other colours which will require a quotation to be sent to you. Please ensure any pictures/logos are sent to us in a high resolution and that the image has no shading.  Please note that any images will be printed in solid black only.  Labels supplied on a 38mm core.  Other cores sizes available on request.


Our White Destructible Vinyl Tamper Evident Asset Labels are available in the following sizes:

  • 36mm x 20mm
  • 40mm x 20mm
  • 40mm x 28mm


Label material White Destructible Vinyl Tamper Evident Asset Labels
Label adhesive


Labels per roll 1000 on smaller cores / 2000 labels on 76mm core
Core sizes available 25mm, 38mm and 76mm
Wound direction Out
Print Colour Black