Bunnings Greenlife Labels

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Model #: BGL50351AC76C3000-3

Bunnings Greenlife Synthetic Labels


All About Labels is pleased to offer nursery specifc labels suitably manufactured in line with Bunnings Greenlife Label program. Specifically designed to suit the Bunnings Greenlife program, these labels would also be suitable for other nurseries who would like to implement the same standards. 


Recent changes to the program means that the labels with the squiggly tamper detection lines are preferred. These new style labels will be available to ship mid-June. Common sizes available are 50mm x 35mm and 50mm x 40mm. Order online below, contact us or use the order form, Bunnings greenlife order form.pdf. Dont forget to order the ribbons you need as well.


Please contact us to if you need any help with your nursery labelling.


The special anti tamper slits in these labels are designed to make it difficult to transfer the label from one item to another. When applying the label take care to ensure you put it on properly so that the barcode and other data is as it was printed in your thermal transfer printer.


These synthetic waterproof labels will be supplied correctly sized on a roll to suit your printer..  Synthetic labels require a Ribbon for printing inline with the Bunnings Greenlife Label program.  Please visit our Ribbon section to purchase your ribbons.


Choosing All About Labels to supply your labeling needs ensures you are meeting the requirements set out by Bunnings and gives you value for money buying direct from the manufacturer. Meeting the strict requirements set by Bunnings, we have worked for many years to supply labels and tags which are used widely in the plant wholesale business.


All About Labels can supply everything you need to get you started and continue to supply you with the consumables you require.  If you are looking into starting out using nursery labels or tags for your business and need to talk to someone please contact us and we will be able to assist you.  


We offer label/tag and printer packages to offer you the best value to get you started.  Please see our nursery printer packages for more information.


We also supply ribbons for printing your labels and tags.  If you require ribbons for your order please see our thermal ribbon section to purchase the correct ribbons for your printer.


We offer custom printing options which we would be happy to discuss and quote based on your specific requirements.  Please contact us for further information about custom preprinted tags. 

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