80mm x 80mm roll labels for label printers

Model #: Awisa8080

These Labels are available on 76mm, 38mm cores or 25mm cores.


The labels are removable cabinetry labels and available to suit larger Zebra Industrial printers and the smaller desktop Zebra Printers. Select the core size of 25mm for the smaller printers and 76mm for the larger printers. For the printers in the Homag stackers you can also use 38mm. If you use a different core size contact us directly to order. we also make them as replacements for EDG28571 & EDG29927.


These are all priced at the AWISA price of $19 per 1000 labels. Just choose the quantity you need. Flat rate shipping regardless of quantity applies throughout Australia.


Label backing is not perforated between labels.

Select the core size and qty per roll

Ideal quantity is 1.
A $25 premium applies.


Our labels are easily removed!! Save hours of labour fighting with labels that just wont come off!

Options availaiable here are

Larger printers - 76mm cores, 2000 labels per roll

Homag Stacker - 38mm cores, 2000 labels per roll

Smaller printers - 25mm cores, 750 labels per roll 


Not suitable for Brother/Dymo/consumer etc label printers as they require special unique features. 


Removable labels

Stick well

NO residue

Strong Labels

Special for Cabinet makers